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We offer an Exotic tea experience with our collection of carefully handpicked & crafted exotic tea, herbs, & blends.

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Get the freshest tea experience with teas sourced from famous tea gardens such as Darjeeling, Nepal, Assam, and more.

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We aspire to offer high-quality products and services with a professional and experienced team of tea connoisseurs.

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Enjoy our exotic tea experience wherever you are with fast and secure shipping to over 100+ countries worldwide.

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The Salvation Tea Experience

Salvation tea envisions itself to be the obvious choice for people looking for natural alternatives to their beverages. As a proponent of everything natural, we make sure that we do not harm nature in anyway.

The Purpose

Encouraging and helping people on creating a healthier lifestyle, and most importantly do it with utmost care for the environment.

The Mission

To initiate, instill and innovate a practice of choosing natural goodness for yourself and the environment.

Our Promise

"We make your everyday commitment to a healthy lifestyle easier."Tea plans to fit your needs and adjust to your daily routine.

Summer & Ice

Create your own summer tea collection to help you beat the heat healthily

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Berry BlastBerry Blast - TeaSwan
Berry Blast
Sale price$33.00 USD
No reviews
Mango Ice TeaMango Ice Tea - TeaSwan
Mango Ice Tea
Sale price$37.00 USD
No reviews
Herbal Immune TeaHerbal Immune Tea - TeaSwan
Herbal Immune Tea
Sale price$38.00 USD
No reviews
Fairy Tale TeaFairy Tale Tea - TeaSwan
Fairy Tale Tea
Sale price$41.00 USD
No reviews
Herbal Tulsi TeaHerbal Tulsi Tea - TeaSwan
Herbal Tulsi Tea
Sale price$41.00 USD
No reviews
Choco Berry TeaChoco Berry Tea
Choco Berry Tea
Sale price$29.00 USD
No reviews
CamLePepChamomile Lemongrass Peppermint (CamLePep) - TeaSwan
Sale price$32.00 USD
No reviews
Doke Black FusionDoke Black Fusion - TeaSwan
Doke Black Fusion
Sale price$41.00 USD
No reviews

Customer Experiences

We love sharing experiences therefore we listen carefully to what our customers have to say and how we can improve and make their tea experience better.

Must-Have Cold Remedy

I make sure never to run out of these herbal tea because it's one of the only drug-free remedies that I find truly works to ease the symptoms of a cold, allergies, or the flu. Even just smelling the tea in the tin can help sinus congestion feel less suffocating because of the strong aroma.

Jason T

My favorite tea ever!

I literally drink a mug of this tea every morning for over a year now. It really wakes me up in the morning, even though it doesn't have too much caffeine in it. It does get things moving, which is nice but probably not any more than any other hot beverage.

Rebeca S

Great taste, low caffeine

This was a lovely assortment of teas. Received this as a gift, and I'm so excited! Salvation teas are fantastic, but this one had just the right amount of spice and is a smooth beverage. Never the less, I highly recommend this tea! I always buy it in bulk. It is a very good for every day drinking.

Lhap T

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